YuScale Technical Status

The last update has been a long time ago. So today we would like to tell you the current technical status.

The scale is ready to use with the app on IOS or Android. You can take pictures assign ingredients and receive nutrition information which is then placed in your personal diary together with your current bloodsugar and weighting information.

All your personal data ist stored savely according to european datasecurity rules in cooperation with chino.io.

We have connected several european databases which items has been translated by our translation solution powered by microsoft.
We have on the way contributed to 3 open source projects and started to create a NodeJS client for chino.io which will be open sourced soon as base for their SDK.

In cooperation with Microsoft we figured out that the existing really great Microsoft Cognitive Service do not fit perfectly to our need regarding image recognition.
In this area we are now proceed with our own solution which is currently learning by our userbase what for example a carrot or potatoes could look like.

Our next steps are:

* Enlarge our database with several recipies databases which can be used to create your own meals at home for example or to have a clue how man carbohydrates can be found in an „normal“ pizza.
* Provide an analytics frontend which can be used to find out some anonymous statistics about the weightings done with our scale.
* Make the process of nutrition detection much more easy by using a trained image recognition model, Edge detection and 3D pointclouds.

We are really looking forward to the next 6 month which, if we could archive the same as in the last 6 month, would be an enormous breakthrough in nutrition detection.



What a ride.

3 month of being accelerated in Berlin in a few numbers:

54x döner kebap

12x Chinese food

9x Italien food

43l coffee

32l beer

9000km by train

3 presentations

3 meetups

38 presentations




3 month of SBC accelerator ends in front of 350 guests.


350 health enthusiasts, friends, family and investors come together in the BCC congress center in the heart of Berlin. What a unique experience, but the real job starts now – fundraising!

Watch our pitch on our facebook site